Soft cases came in black leather-look finish. When fresh out the bag they had gold or lettering which tended to wear off quite quickly. The 110 Super’s soft case had a swede finish. Ultra rare is the tan swede soft case made for the 110 Safari.



Soft case with gold lettering

110 with 24mm lens

Soft case with suede finish

110 Super with 24mm lens

Soft case with black lettering and tan finish

110 Safari with 24mm lens

Soft case with gold lettering (large)

110 with 50mm lens

There is some speculation on how many hard cases were made for the 110. Types seen so far include:-

Aluminimum Case: Hard cases for Pentax Auto 110 "set" were always offered empty; as an accessory. They came in either all aluminium or aluminium/hardboard decorated in the Pentax logo. All had two keys in a black fob attached to the handle. They were not boxed but came in a cardboard sleeve. The all aluminium's were made with at least two different "Pentax" name plates in the top's lower right hand corner. The case were made for the Auto 110 major kit. The spaces for the filters is different for the 110 and 110 Super as the Super had the 37.5mm UV filter which the 110 did not have. One variation of the cut out foam has space for 4 of the 6 lens (zoom, 70mm. 50mm, 18mm with the 24mm on the camera, missing the 18mm pan focus) and the filters and attachment lens are fitted tightly as a set

Tan Case: The tan case seems to be the most popular. With a half side that opened it came with a foam insert to fit 2 lenses. This foam insert is loose and is often missing. It also had at least two different variations of badges.

Pentabag: (Many thanks to Guiseppe Barletta for this. When Pentax introduced the additional two lenses, they designed the “Pentabag”

Black Bag: These do not crop up very often, and really were a bit too small to be useful.

Gadget Bag: This is a small hardboard case with a cloth “PENTAX” covering.

Large Black Case: This had a drop down side, and only big enough for a few items. Rarely seen on Ebay....

Trunk: Paul Coltoff has provided some useful information on the mysterious trunk. We think it was made for the 110 as the finish is the same and (as far as I am aware) Pentax did not produce anything similar for the other camera produced at the time. It is big enough to fit the “biiger” set once the zoom and the 70mm were produced.

Draw string: This draw string soft case was available for the Pentax lenses although it did not offer much protection. Seemingly a lot of people thought the same as the item is quite rare and ‘ve yet to find a picture!.