COMPLETE SET: The complete set should include all of the following:-

  • Box, lid and white sleeve.
  • Foam insert.
  • Plastic lid & foam cover.
  • Manual (correct to vintage!)
  • Filter leaflet
  • Close up lens leaflet.
  • Lens leaflet
  • Packing List
  • Camera body card with serial number
  • Filters - 25.5mm Skylight, UV, S31, S16
  • Filters - 30.5mm Skylight, UV, W21
  • Filters - 37.5mm T86, T43 (110 Super has Skylight and UV)
  • Hoods - 25.5mm, 30.5mm 37.5mm
  • AF130 Flash & case
  • Pentax 110 body and lens & case & wrist strap
  • WInder I (Winder II for 110 Super)
  • 18mm wide angle lens
  • 50mm telephoto lens
  • Body cap
  • Tripod adapter

Leaflets included in complete set


110 Super complete set

110 complete set, note two filters are missing from the 110 set

System 10 This image from Paul Coltoff shows the outer sleeve of the original System 10 Complete Set. The parts were supplied in the same red case but the lid was hinged.