Major Component

MAJOR COMPONENT SET: The major component set looks like it was the most popular and was available with the Auto 110 and Auto 110 Super. The box should contain:-

  • Box with clear plastic cover and lid and white outer sleeve.
  • White formed base with silica gel bag
  • Manual (correct to vintage!)
  • Wrist Strap (ideally unused and still in the bag)
  • Cased camera with 24mm lens with cap
  • AF130P cased
  • 18mm lens
  • 50mm lens
  • Winder I or Winder II
  • Camera body card with serial number that matches the camera body

The 110 set shown here came with a Winder II which indicates it is a very late 110, a pink warning slip advising the correct method to change lenses and the outer cardboard sleeve has a spelling error of “FRASH” instead of “FLASH” With a Japanese accent it sounds OK though...!